The Race for Milk & Bread!

c6aa10The weather forecast is predicting snow. I love being indoors during snow and being able to sit in front of a chilled window that fogs slightly with my breath as I look out. There is something about the glistening sea of white that has been physically altered for a frozen moment that I find beautiful.

While that is my idea of white during a snow there is that other white fury that takes place in the hours leading up to the frosty event. The buying of white milk and white bread.

Last night a friend posted a picture on her Instagram of the almost empty milk coolers at her local market. She’s glad to be lactose intolerant, and I’m glad I don’t drink milk. I understand the buying of bread, but I’m not really sure why people have an overwhelming need to buy milk before snow arrives. Wouldn’t water be better? Juice?

In our home we have our usual water, juice, and my husband’s Cabernet Sauvignon.  My only real worry is what if it snows so much I can’t get to Starbucks. Now THAT is something to worry about.

Enjoy the snow!… and milk.

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