Fast Times Flashback


This morning while working I had the television on in the background and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” started playing. It really is a great coming of age movie, but more interesting is how many people were in the film who went on to become major entertainers.

Sean Penn was cast as Jeff Spicoli and has gone far beyond this teenage flick. He has been in dozens of films, appeared on stage, and behind the scenes. He is also a political activist.

Eric Stoltz has been in films, on television and stage, he has also directed and produced.

Anthony Edwards has appeared in films, television and has directed.image2

Forest Whitaker played the football star Charles Johnson. Forest has starred in movies, on television and has also directed. He is active in charity and politics.

This was Nicolas Cage’s film debut. It was the only film he appeared under his given name Nicolas Coppola. He is a very active film star, producer, director, and has even created a comic book.

903a5956e41a6a1ef16544d974e202e1Phoebe Cates was Linda, she was a popular character in the film and well known for the poolside fantasy scene of Brad, played by Judge Reinhold. She appeared in films until 2001, and owns a boutique, Blue Tree, on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Jennifer Jason Leigh another cast member who has been in multiple films, television shows, and on stage. She has also written, directed, and produced.

Last of the cast I will mention is Judge Reinhold.  He has done films, television, and is the voice in a video game. fasttimes_086pyxurz_758_426_81_s_c1

Not only did I like the movie, but I really love the soundtrack. A few of the featured songs were released as singles, Jackson Browne’s “Sombody’s Baby“. The Ravyns “Raised on the Radio“, and “Waffle Stomp” by Joe Walsh.

The only fault with the soundtrack are the songs that were not included. The Cars “Moving in Stereo“. “We Got the Beat” by the Go Go’s and “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

There were other people in the film who went on to have great careers and other songs that didn’t make it onto the soundtrack. The point of this rambling post is simple: Watch the movie, it is fun and a good way to chill and spend a bit of time.

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