The Improv in Our Home

My husband loves stand up comedy, and with apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Crackle our home has turned into the Improv. When the comedy club in our living room opens I grab my earbuds and listen to music while going through emails and doing work56.

However, if the amount of laughter from the other end of the sofa becomes louder and more intense I remove one earbud to hear what has caused all the ruckus. That is how it went the first time he selected “What’s Wrong with People“, featuring Sebastian Maniscalco. What an incredibly funny stand up routine Sebastian has created. We watched it and laughed so much that we even paused and rewound a bit here and there. Then when that show ended Netflix suggested another stand up special, “Aren’t You Embarrassed“, another hit featuring the comical tirades of Sebastian.

We have watched them numerous times, and have shared them with friends. The other night we were having Chipotle which led my husband to do his version of Sebastian’s hilarious Chipotle skit. We decided to watch that short part, again on Netflix, and noticed that “What’s Wrong with People” is no longer available. So, before “Aren’t You Embarrassed” is removed from the Netflix playlist give it a view.

On another note, you should check him out on the Crackle series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee“. Jerry Seinfeld had Sebastian as the guest in season 7 episode 5. Funny stuff!

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